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Cheddar Business News Interview: The Business of Toy Photography

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I spent a recent morning at Cheddar News Studios in Hollywood, California, where I was interviewed live by Cheddar Business News anchors Brad Smith and Tim Stenovec, who are based on the trading floor of the NYSE. Okay, let me say that I am in my element BEHIND the camera, not in front of it, but 2019 has really forced me out of my comfort zone with no less than 4 on-camera features and interviews - an interview on the top-rated WGN Morning News, Cheddar Business News' interview below, PBS SoCal's LAaRT, and a super cool interview that I'll be filming with a popular platform soon. I was having a little bit of a technical issue at the beginning of this particular interview, which caused me to trip over my tongue a few times, but I quickly settled in and found my groove.

It's very gratifying to be able to introduce toy photography to an audience who has probably never seen it before. It's one of the reasons I enjoy being featured outside of the usual toy enthusiast and fandom sites.

To watch my interview on Cheddar Business News click HERE, or click on the image below. I hope you enjoy it.

Lastly, a BIG shout out to the incredible team at for setting this interview up with Cheddar Business News. Keep an eye out for future collaborations with my friends at Wix.

BTS: show and tell with some of the gang from NECA Toys

BTS: Discussing how I created this image of Dino and T-Rex

BTS: Discussing the value and importance of having a website

As always, thank you to my incredible partners at Atmosphere Aerosol (use discount code MW10 for a special rate if ordering from their website), Manfrotto and Spider Holster. And of course, NECA Toys, who's toys have inspired countless stories and images.


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