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Mitchel Wu Toy Photography Behind the Scenes: Jurassic Stormtrooper

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I just wanted to share a quick little setup of yet another Stormtrooper about to meet an untimely demise (when is one's demise ever timely?). Thanks to LEGO photographer Marco from Italy @the_aphol for seeing a similar image I did with Kermit and suggesting a T-Rex might be a fun addition to the image (I agreed!). And another big shoutout to Pat @bobapat for a discussion we had about putting a stormtrooper in the outhouse

I set this scene up on my porch railing and this time used the shrubs in the back as my background (if you've seen some of my other BTS posts you usually see me shooting in this same spot with a backdrop). The green tones back there work well as a forest or jungle environment. But to give it more of a forest feel I added some sticks, which end up looking like trees in the photo. I did this by simply sticking them into a foam block that I picked up a the local craft store.

To add some motion and excitement I simply threw some dirt into the scene, mostly around the T-Rex since he would be kicking some dirt and debris up as he ran towards the outhouse and the unsuspecting trooper. I love the final image, which shows that relatively quick, easy setups can yield some pretty fun results.

I used my Canon 5D Mark III with my Canon 135mm f2L lens shot at f2, ISO 2000 at 1/1600 sec. Spacing the various elements of the shot like I did, and then shooting at f2, gives it the look you see here in the final image. It's quite different looking than the above BTS image shot with my iPhone, which tends to keep everything in focus. And shooting at 1/1600 sec allowed me to capture the detail of the flying dirt and debris.

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