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Mitchel Wu Toy Photography Behind the Scenes: Woody Vs Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Here's a BTS video of a fun Toy Story setup I did the other day. The scene was lit with two Manfrotto Lumimuse LED lights. Super versatile lights, very strong and extremely compact. I also created a 'dusty' environment by spraying some Atmosphere Aerosol into the scene. You can achieve a variety of lighting effects with this spray depending on the type of light you're shooting in. Dramatic light rays, or more of a subtle fog or mist. Or in this case, dust. Check out the video for more background and info on the shot.

And here's the final image shot with a Canon 5D3 with a Canon 135mm f/2L at f/2. ISO 1600 1/1000 sec. Love it!

Want to try Atmosphere Aerosol? Use discount code MW10 for a special rate if purchasing from their website.


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