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Mitchel Wu Toy Photography: Magazine Covers

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I've had the honor of creating several cover images for magazines, three of which are shown below.

en Voyage Magazine is the the inflight magazine of EVA Airlines. 800,000 issues are printed monthly and read by over 1 million travelers around the world. This was the first cover and cover story EVA Air has done on toy photography.

This was a special New York Toy Fair issue of The Pop Insider Magazine, featuring the highly anticipated, but not yet released, Baby Yoda toy. Hasbro provided me with a prototype of Baby Yoda, which I sadly had to return when the project was completed.

This was a commission for The Toy Book's annual issue on games and dolls.

My toy photography is built on storytelling, creativity and nostalgia and is designed to create impact and meaningful engagement.


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