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Photographing Boglins In The Wild

Check out this fun behind the scenes look at how I photographed a trio of Boglins in the wild. The Boglins was an iconic toy line of the late 80s, created by Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto. If you were a kid of the late 80s you've probably heard of these, if you didn't actually own one or two! I'm so excited for the relaunch of this super cool, iconic brand in 2021.

Check out the Boglins at​ and visit the manufacturer at

Foggy atmosphere created with Atmosphere Aerosol​ Use code MW10 for 10% off Atmosphere Aerosol orders.

Lighting by Litra Gear LED Lights. Use promo code BOOST15-CREATE-15 for 15% off purchases on the Litra Website:

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