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Spin Master Toy Photography For German Television

I recently had the incredible opportunity to take television viewers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland behind the scenes of a fun toy shoot for Spin Master's exciting Batman Action Figure Collection. The segment aired on ProSieben Network's TAFF Hollywood Madness as a lead up to their coverage of the 2021 Academy Awards. As the segment's producer described to me, "the series features unique and interesting things happening around Hollywood leading up to the Oscars." I think toy photography definitely fit that bill!

I wanted to give ProSieben's viewers, many who had never seen creative toy photography before, a visual treat - something worthy of Spin Master's Batman figures. So I created an action-packed image with simultaneous practical effects - explosions and dynamic water splashes. In other words, I would be blowing off some fireworks while also creating water splashes. Check out the segment below to see how I did it. Apologies to our non-German speaking audience, but a video speaks a million words!

A huge thank you to my friends at Spin Master, Brock and Tushar, for their support, patience and limitless enthusiasm. And heartfelt appreciation to Adam and Natascha from Neon TV for helping to make this such a memorable experience!

Photographed with the Canon R6 and Canon 135mm f2L. Lit with Litra LED Lights.

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